Thread Lifting Clinical Usage

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"When doing thread-lifting, one should understand the basic principles of thread lifting from its fundamental anatomical aspects, not just the procedural techniques."
This book equips you with those fundamentals so that you can confidently executive face-lifting procedures even when presented with different ethnicities and facial conditions.

Growing old is a natural phenomenon, however everyone wants to avoid to get wrinkles or to have drooping face. Several procedures and surgeries have been conducted since the past to improve this phenomenon, and as our knowledge of facial aging increases, the methods of them have made a lot of development. 

Knowing that the fat of the face is not sagging by a single mass, the concept of each fat compartment had risen. It also turned out that not only the soft tissues outside but also the bones and the retaining ligaments inside change together. 
The term "Lifting" is commonly used in a variety of procedures and surgeries, which ranges from lifting with botulinum toxin, filler and various devices to more complex thread lifting and surgical facial lift. Among them, thread lifting has been used a lot in recent years and because there are various types of threads and methods for procedures, it is quite confusing to choose the best thread or most suitable method. Also, because all the companies are actively elaborating their own threads only with their benefits, it is not easy to assess the quality and effectiveness of threads from an objective perspective. 

This book explores the anatomical considerations of each area of the face for thread lifting in detail and introduces the most effective and practical method for it. Moreover, the concepts of basic thread lifting and the characteristics of different types of threads are also introduced so that they could be applied to the methods of procedures implemented by each physician. Finally, possible side effects after thread lifting are also dealt in the book including both how to avoid and also to solve them.

The authors had been studying anatomy through fresh cadaver in Korea and abroad, steadily examining which facial layer the thread should actually be put in, and how the procedures should be to be effective and also to maintain longer. Based on these data, we want to discuss the meaning and usefulness of thread lifting from the most objective point of view. 



Authors :  |  Plastic Surgeon. M.D., Ph. D.  Gi Woong, Hong  

                   |  Plastic Surgeon. M.D., M.B.A.  Yong Woo, Lee

ISBN : 9788991294226
Printed July 2019
Page : 335 Pages
Hardcover – 21.5 x 28 x 3.6 cm



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