📽 Dr.Bros Show Anatomy online lecture #9

Before the anatomy panel discussion, the last speaker Sang-Seop, Kim. M.D will talk about anatomy-based filler injection 🔥🔥🔥


Under the title ‘Anatomy-based Filler Injection and Vascular Compromise Prevention Technique’, he will mainly discuss of the area Glabellar frown line and Marionette line. Furthermore, solution for vascular accidents will be mentioned so don’t miss this time!


🎓 Dr.Bros Show Anatomy online lecture #9

🕐 21.06.30 Wednesday 1PM (KST)

📽 < Anatomy based filler injection and vascular compromise prevention technique>

🎙 Speaker : Sang-Seop, Kim. M.D

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📲 Please check on Instagram @nfinders

🔈 English subtitles provided

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